Youth Soccer

  • COVID-19 Modified Youth Soccer Summer 2020

    We are excited to announce a modified version of soccer this summer under the COVID-19 guidelines. We will only be allowing 40 players per age group, so register soon to secure your spot. Teams will be formed and games schedules released after activity has closed on June 30th to registration. Soccer field will be modified with players boxes that are space out for social distance. Games will be 1 hour long. Players will rotate stations every 7 minutes. MACRD staff will be on hand to facilitate and organize players. Onsite parental or guardian help is appreciated to help MACRD staff to organize players and rotate spots. No practices times will be scheduled we will just be playing games. Players and spectators are encouraged to wear masks (except when on playing field) where social distancing of 6ft cannot be maintained. Players may warm up if they have their own ball (not provided) and are social distancing. MACRD will provide game balls and pennies to wear during the game. For the safety of everyone attending, If you feel sick or have been in contact with someone that has been sick, please stay home.

  • When

    July 6 – 29. Games will be 1 hour long, played in the evenings 5:00pm -7:30pm during the week. Ages 7-9 on Mondays, 10-13 on Tuesdays, 14-17 on Wednesday.

  • Where

    Juniper Hills Park

  • Additional Information & Rules

    Rules: Players will be restricted to their box on the playing field. Players will rotate boxes every 7 minutes. When players need to rotate. Play will stop and possession will start in box in which ball was at time of rotation. Players will rotate to the next station in numerical order. Players are to adhere to 6 ft social distance, on and off the field. If player goes outside box, possession will result in a turnover, ball goes to other team in which the ball is at time of violation. No throw in. If ball goes out of bounds, ball goes to other team players box next farthest from out of bounds. For example, if ball goes out of bounds in orange player 5 box, ball will go to yellow player 8 box. If ball is touched by hands, ball will be replaced with new one and possession starts at mid field opposing team. Either orange or yellow player 6 box. Goalie may use hands to stop ball. Ball will then be replaced with a new one. Possession will start with goalie. Spectators are always to adhere to 6 ft social distance, spectator space

COVID-19 Modified Youth Soccer Summer 2020

Register soon as only 40 spots are available per age group. Registration closes on June 30th

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