MAC Swim Team (MST) / MAC Masters

Madras Swim Team (MST)

Please be informed that due to the relocation of our current Bronze and Silver swim coach the MACRD will have to postpone the beginning of the spring swim team season. We are actively working with the Swim Team Booster Club to get us all back on track by the end of March. Our goal will be to offer something by April, assuming we can find a suitable replacement to coach. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work towards long term stability of this program offering.

MAC Masters / Adult Lap Swim

We’re adult fitness swimmers (18 and over) who live all over Central Oregon. They come in all shapes, sizes, ages, goals, skills, and walks of life. Some have lifetime swimming backgrounds, some have recently started in our adult programs, and some are even self-taught. All share a love of swimming and a dedication to fitness through swimming. We welcome fitness swimmers, competitors and triathletes. We’re the current state champions in both pool and open water venues.

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Mon / Wed / Fri 11am – 12:30am