In Water Offerings

Recreation Swim

Play time for everyone! Enjoy our wonderful facility by floating around the lazy river, sliding down the 300-foot water slide, diving off the diving board, swinging off the rope swing, or just splashing around and having fun.

Monday – Friday 3:30-7pm, Saturday / Sunday 1pm – 5pm

Mommy/Daddy & Me

Come enjoy our leisure pool with the little one. This time is dedicated to parents with small children 5 and younger to enjoy the pool without the large crowd. Parent needs to accompany swimmer in the water.Monday: Friday: 9am – 11:00 am Saturday: 10am – 12:00pm

Aqua Aerobics

An Aqua Aerobic class is a great place to start or enhance your fitness lifestyle. Water provides an element to cross-train without the stress on joints. Using the natural resistance of water, a participant is able to be challenged with an excellent cardio work-out. Water resistance also provides a great opportunity to build strength and tone muscles, in addition to offering greater flexibility and increased balance. We have classes that take place in the Lap pool (deep and shallow water) and the Leisure pool (shallow water) to fit your needs. Check out our classes and see what class will work for you. You do not need to be a great swimmer to enjoy our classes. All you need to be is comfortable in the water.

Medium Intensity: Shallow / Deep

With Jennifer

Enjoy an hour of a class tailored to your pace and comfortability. Class is held in the lap pool where attendees can be in the shallow or deep end. This is a great class for those who want a higher level of aerobic exercise. Come join the fun and get fit together.

No Class: 

Monday/Wednesday: 10am-11am

Aqua Power Half Hour

With Jennifer

A half hour higher intensity class all skill levels are fine, modeled after a kick boxing type of work out.

No Class: 01/15-01/20, 2020

Tuesday/Thursday, 10:00am-10:30am

Stretching 10:30am-11am

Aquatic Healing

With Eva

Provided by APEX Physical Therapy

Aquatic healing is a class for anyone looking for a safe and functional way to decrease pain while improving strength, flexibility and balance. Water relaxes the muscles and increases circulation providing the ideal environment for pain reduction and healing. Safe exercises are specially designed to help with the rehabilitation from surgery or injury. Water’s buoyancy decreases gravitational stress on the body and joints while the natural resistance of the water helps develop strength, truck stability and balance. It is recommended participants with joint replacement or recent surgery check with their physician or physical therapist before starting the class. The class is sponsored by APEX Physical Therapy and led by Eva Montee, Certified Exercise Specialist.

Tuesday and Thursday 9:30 – 10:30am, Leisure Pool

Tuesday – Free Admission for Seniors

Lap Swim

Lap swimming takes place in the lap pool, and lap lanes will be divided by lane-lines. Pool equipment (kickboards, flippers and pull buoy) is available to use during lap swim. During most lap swim times the pool will be divided between lap swimming and other activities. Sharing lanes is expected. Circle swimming counter-clockwise is required whenever more than two people share a lane.

Monday – Friday 5:30 -11am

Saturday 11am – 12:30pm

MAC Masters / Adult Lap Swim

Come get a workout and training by our Swim Team Coach Tim Nelson

We’re adult fitness swimmers (18 and over) who live all over Central Oregon. They come in all shapes, sizes, ages, goals, skills, and walks of life. Some have lifetime swimming backgrounds, some have recently started in our adult programs, and some are even self-taught. All share a love of swimming and a dedication to fitness through swimming. We welcome fitness swimmers, competitors and triathletes. We’re the current state champions in both pool and open water venues.

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Mon / Wed / Fri 11am – 12:30am

Independent Workout

Come enjoy our pool and the benefits of exercising in the water. Pool space is available for independent workouts, please be kind and share the space. You can use our aqua exercise equipment at no extra charge.

Leisure pool temp ≈ 86 degrees

Lap pool temp ≈ 83 degrees

Monday – Friday 5:30am – 11:00am

Saturday 11am -12:30pm