Swim Lessons

Group & Private Swim Lessons

Monday/Wednesday PM Sessions

Session 7: 12/02-12/18 (Deadline 12/01/19)

Session 9: 01/06-01/22(Deadline 01/05/20)

Session 11: 02/03-02/19(Deadline 02/02/20)

Class & Times

5:30pm or 6pm

Tuesday/ Thursday PM Session Available

Session 8: 12/03-12/19 (Deadline 12/01/19)

Session 10: 01/07-01/23(Deadline 01/05/20)

Session 12: 02/04-02/20(Deadline 02/02/20)

Class & Times

5:30pm or 6pm

Group: MAC $48, IN $54, OUT $61

Private: MAC $60, IN $66, OUT $72

Session Break Down
For the Winter of 2019/2020, our swim lesson sessions will run for twice a week for three weeks. Students will receive a total of eight 27-minute lessons per session.

Instructor to Student Ratios
1:1 for Private
4:1 for Guppies, Minnows, Dolphins
5:1 for Ducklings, Level 1,2, & 3
6:1 for Levels 4, 5, & 6

Group Session Cost
$48 MACRD Members
$54 In District
$61 Out District

Private Session Cost

Class Registration 

48 hours prior to registration deadline, group lessons without a person registered will be closed. In the closed class time slot a private lesson will be created and opened for registration, all remaining classed (group/private) will remain open until the registration deadline.

Types of Classes Offered

Pre-school age: 6 months – 2 years with Parent
School aged:  3 years – 17
Adult: 18 years and older

Great for adults and kids, Private Lessons are offered for 1 student per instructor. Our private lessons are for those patrons looking for more attention and or have specific swimming goals. Private lessons are also ideal for adults who want to learn how to swim. Please indicate what skills you would like your teacher to focus on at time of registration. This will help our instructors to maximize instruction and learning goals.

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