Hill Billy Half Marathon

Description:¬†Runners will leave just North of Pelton Dam at 8:00 a.m. and wind along Lake Simtustus, before the most challenging portion of the course — a 1.42 mile stretch climb out of the canyon, climbing nearly 800 feet. From there, it levels out and brings scenic views of Round Butte, Mount Jefferson and the Three Sisters Mountains. The route takes runners South on Elk Drive, before turning on Belmont Lane to the West side of Round Butte. A moderate climb over the West side of Round Butte gives runners breath taking views of the Cascade Mountain Range. From there, runners have it an easy finish to a lookout of Lake Billy Chinook where food, music and spirits await all involved.

When: 8:00 a.m. September 24, 2016

Cost: $45 if registered by August 30, 2016; otherwise $55

Medal: Each runner that finishes will get a medal.

Parking: Runners and family are asked to park at the finish line. Parking will be one way on the shoulder on Mountain View Drive pointing cars to the South. Runners will be transported via a bus to the starting line just North of Pelton Dam.

Aid Stations: 1. Willow Creek (3.55 miles); 2. NW Pelton Dam Road/NW Elk Drive (4.79 miles); 3. Belmont/SW Cinderpit Road (8.27 miles); 4. SW Round Butte Drive/SW Mountain View Drive (10.46 miles) 5. SW Mountain View Drive (13.1 miles). At each station will be First Aid kit, water, Gatorade and a volunteer.

Start: Just North of Pelton Dam on NW Pelton Dam Road off Highway 26.

Finish: A lookout point of Billy Chinook on Mountain View Drive.

Refunds: No refunds.

Warning: This is a challenging course with intense elevation changes on the course. The climb out of Lake Simtustus to Elk Drive will test any runner. In addition, the weather temperatures could be warm the day of the race, and the this combined with the elevation change will test any runner.

Time Limit: 3 hours.